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Language support needed: With growing globalisation people tend to move more often - a fact that has led to an ever-increasing demand for foreign-language support, not only in the traditional business translation areas - but also for private purposes.

Language support ...

Language support for diverse fields
You need, for example,
Officially certified translations of your private or business documents
Assistance to register at the German residents' registration office
An interpreter when you get married to a foreign partner
Language support to register the marriage you contracted in a foreign country at a German registry, or
To give due notice of your child’s birth, etc.
To cut a long story short: If your German is too limited to deal with public authorities, if German red tape and officialese are not your cup of tea ... I’ll be glad to play the part of your personal spokesman - or spokeswoman to be precise.
For further information, please choose Translations.

... brushing up your language skills

Language tuition for pupils and students
You want to improve your language skills: I teach English, German and French in a relaxed, individual environment tailored to the needs of
Students of all age groups and school types
Professionals focussing on Business English, IT-English, Technical English
Beginners and advanced learners
For further information, please choose Language Teaching.
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